In My Stride

It seems fitting that my 70th post marks a bit of a change on this blog. You may have noticed the change in name and the snazzy new domain name that came with actually paying for my WordPress site! I’ve been putting it off for a while but I finally convinced myself that just getting on with it would benefit me more than saving a brand change for later!

Let me explain this change of name.

As I get further away from being a student, the name ‘Muddled Student’ is less and less relevant to my life. While I plan to undertake more projects, communicate about subjects I’m interested in and have more adventures, I need this space, that has served as my brain dump for the last two and a half years, to morph into a slightly more sophisticated platform.

I’ll probably still write about what’s on my mind now and again but I want to start producing articles that are more informative and help me practice communicating interesting things!

Even though I’m still very muddled, I’ve recently adopted a new philosophy.  Instead of having a bit of a panic when something new comes along, my masters has really helped me learn how to take everything in my stride and just deal with things as they come. Additionally, my boyfriend gifted me a stoic journal this Christmas, which has already taught me many things despite only being two weeks into the start of the year. It draws on the wise words of famous stoics such as Marcus Aurelius and Epictetus and helps me to apply them to daily life.

The journal asks me a different question every day with a different lesson each week and makes space for both morning and evening reflections. So far I’ve only managed to do evenings but there’s something very soothing about focusing my thoughts on a single question instead of listening to the tangle of words going on inside my head.

The new name of my blog is ‘In My Stride’; a way for me and anyone else who reads my blog, to remember that unexpected events aren’t always disasters and that every cloud has a silver lining! Take everything in your stride, learn new nuggets of knowledge, share them and don’t worry about things that might be around the corner and that are out of your control.

I hope you like the new title; there’s a lot of things that I’m going to be taking in my stride, like being Vice Chair of the SfAM ECS committee, mentally processing when I met Sir David Attenborough and quizzed him with a hundred people watching me, finding jobs and many more things that I’m going to work hard at and enjoy!

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