Pen on Paper

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like receiving a hand- written letter and there is nothing I like doing more than putting pen to paper! I started writing to my grandpa when I was an undergraduate to hopefully add some sparks to his life and this led to me writing to my friend Ruth who had been my rock through many trialling Maths and Biology lessons in college!

There is something about a hand- written letter that implies someone cares about you; they’ve taken the time to sit down and write it (maybe with a few drafts to start with) and spent the money on stamps to send it to you! I love that with this longer piece of text, you can really hear the personality in every sentence and I can often hear their voice saying the words when I read their words. My grandpa has a very sing-song Yorkshire accent and his writing style reflects that which is such a beautiful thing.

I know that texts can be just as, if not more expressive than a letter if you use the correct emojis, but part of the joy about letters is the patience required to wait for a reply which isn’t needed unless the person you’re texting is rubbish at replying! There’s also something intriguing about finding a envelope addressed to you on your door mat and guessing who the handwriting belongs to then carefully tearing it open to start reading it.

I watched a really inspiring TED talk about writing letters to strangers and how the speaker, Hannah Brencher, began an initiative called The World Needs More Love Letters. It’s something that I want to take part in and something that I can do now; as soon as I read the requests that friends and family have put in for their loved ones’ letters, my imagination started whirring with what I would say to make them feel proud of themselves and encourage them to keep going. The idea that something as simple as a letter can lift some weight off someone’s shoulders is magical.

My eventual aim is to write one every month because when I’m feeling a bit down, trying to make someone happier lifts my mood incredibly!

This has only been a short post because my main sentiment is ‘I LOVE WRITING LETTERS TO PEOPLE.’

pen on paper2

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