First on the Scene

The recent blog post deficit has been caused by an exciting event; I went on a first aid course. It wasn’t just any old first aid course though, this three- day extravaganza taught by a fantastic lady at St John Ambulance was a gateway to me gaining confidence in treating all sorts of ailments that I didn’t feel prepared for by a one- day course I did earlier this year.

The course began by teaching us what should and shouldn’t be in a first aid kit and ended with the skills that we all hoped we would never need to use like CPR. Over the three days we bandaged, supported and rolled each other over to practice a set of skills that I think everyone should have. I particularly enjoyed bandaging; it’s so satisfying to tie a knot in a neat bandage and see the person’s limb contained in a clean white case that hopefully won’t let any blood through!

In the news you constantly hear of the heroes that save lives by knowing a bit of first aid and don’t hear about the people who have complications or loose their lives because no one had the first clue what to do. I assume that most people will have some sort of first aid instinct a like stopping bleeding and checking breathing but people could be less confident about common things like burns, cuts and asthma attacks or even dealing with something stuck in an eye!

I learnt so much on this course and was lucky enough to be given a shiny new first aid manual, lots of practice bandages, a plaster dispenser and a triangular bandage to practice my skills. My housemates have already been subjected to the bandages and being put in a sling while pranking my other housemate that they had tripped over some shoes and broken their arm. That’s another thing I find satisfying; putting someone in a sling. Especially when the elbow bit is tucken in and the person looks slightly worried by how comfortable it is.

Something that all six of us who attended this course took away was friendship; we had met less than a week previous for our job induction and yet, after working together to treat fake cuts, tackle a fake explosion and bandage every limb, we were suddenly not just new staff but first aiders. It seems like there’s nothing like a first aid course to bring people together and encourage team work!

Admittedly, without the one- day course at university I wouldn’t have known some of the emergency skills but those everyday cuts and bumps that people suffer from required something different including a lot of common sense that I might not have been able to connect to situations without this course. I know that in the heat of a real first aid scenario my hands will be shaking, the bandages will roll to the floor and the gloves might take a while to get on, but I’m lucky that I won’t be the only first aider and hopefully all that I’ve learnt over the past three days will come flooding back to me!

I would like to thank We The Curious for sending me on this course, St John Ambulance for providing such a comprehensive but easy to follow course and my team mates for supporting me over the last three days.

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