Sizzling Summer

This summer I’ve been making the transition from being a muddled student at university to being a muddled adult and trying to figure out what happens after I finish my masters! I’m not handing in my project until mid November so I have a bit of time to figure out what interests me most which has led to me trying out how I might like to use my science communication knowledge in a career.

As well as carrying out my MSc Sci Comm project, I’ve been continuing with making podcasts for SfAM, but explored new realms of science communication. The most notable thing that I did this summer was take a job as a science summer camp instructor. A post about this amazing experience is coming up on Wednesday (26th September 2018) about my baptism of fire into the world of childcare mixed with communicating science!

Writing my MSc dissertation while working almost full time was hard to say the least and although I collected all my data in June, I didn’t start crunching it until mid- July then only started the bulk of my dissertation in September! I’m happy to say that it’s almost finished and am looking forward to presenting what I’ve done in my project in a week’s time to my course- mates!

Stay tuned for more posts in the near future, I’ve had lots of cool ideas recently that I want to share!

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