Filling in the Gaps

My blog has been eerily silent for quite a while and it’s not because I’ve forgotten about it but because I’ve been swamped with deadlines that have forced any social interaction with friends to either be postponed or study related. I knew that golden period of having no work at the beginning wouldn’t last but I wasn’t quite ready to be spun so fast in the raging tornado of the past few weeks!

To put it one way, the weeks before my skiing holiday were a mixture of heaven and hell. In amongst a hellish mist of flustering, rushing and feeling like the world was closing in it was heavenly to be visited by my amazing best friend who always knows how to have a good time and shake away the stress of a hectic life. As well as that, I’m really lucky to have an amazing bunch of coursemates who know how to support everyone and I feel like we keep each other going!

My parents are always the best people for getting me back on track and keeping me focussed whilst also listening to my rambling plans for work.

Thank you to all the people who dealt with me when I was in stressed mode, I won’t go back there again! A new calmer Jennie has emerged after getting perspective on my life simply from taking time out and going on holiday.

New blog posts are in progress so stay tuned, I’ve got some really exciting things coming up that I’ll definitely want to talk about on here!

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