The Back Burner

Despite having resigned myself to a summer off I’ve realised how neglectful I’ve become of certain activities that used to be part of my daily life at uni. Twitter is the main one and I think it’s been at least 2 months since I even opened the app other than to see whose followed me. When I finally did open it three days ago, I realised how much I missed interacting with like- minded people, commenting on tweets and tweeting about things I’m interested in. I’m severely out of the loop and it just shows how much you can miss out of from just 2 months off Twitter. That’s not to say that I want to get addicted to it but every year I feel like I phase it out in between my terms at university.

It’s not just Twitter that I’ve put into hibernation, my blog has definitely suffered while I put all my energy into writing and proof reading my book in the hope I’ll finish it soon. Finding a way to balance my fiction and non- fiction writing has eluded me but that’s about to change. The editor of SfAM’s brilliant magazine ‘Microbiologist’ recently sent out the deadlines for the next few issues and it means that I have something to aim for instead of flailing about like I have been doing recently. I’ve also started setting myself goals for my fiction writing so that I actually get stuff done and monitor my progress; I tend to be a lot less strict with my fiction writing than I should be but I’ve finally seen the error of my ways!

There is one more thing that I’ve been putting to the bottom of the pile and that is keeping up with the science news. It’s only through SfAM’s newsletters that I’ve heard about a recent development in antibiotic course duration and I’m still not up to speed with it! I used to regularly read other people’s blogs too but I’ve barely opened the WordPress app since I graduated! It’s not that I’m not interested in reading people’s blogs or keeping up to date with science anymore, it’s simply that I’ve struggled to fit it in with all the other things I’ve been doing this summer. Once I start on a career though, summer will no longer be a time for me to put science on the back burner and I’ll be fully immersed in whatever I’m doing. That’s the dream anyway.

For now, I’ll start poking my foot back into the Twitter pond and get talking about some current issues to get the ball rolling. It doesn’t help that I have yet another holiday to go on (life is tough sometimes) but with the scrapping of roaming charges I can tweet to my heart’s content!

I’m interested to know if others sometimes find it difficult to keep up with things like Twitter, blogging and news or is it just my inexperience causing me to let these things slide now and again? What’s on your back burner at the moment? Leave a comment and share your view!

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