Confusion Strikes Again

The muddled student returns with a vengeance. By this I mean that I’m encountering a whole host of new things to be confused about what with being on the edge of starting a Masters and all. I’ve even had a dream about starting my masters; for some reason, my new halls resembled a gothic manor with lots of grey stone walls and old, threadbare carpets. I think I even remember a few iron chandeliers being thrown into the mix but that’s an insignificant detail. The main theme of the dream was pure confusion; everybody seemed to know where they were supposed to be except for me and I ended it up in a lab which, personally, was not where I wanted to be. My timetable was indecipherable, my flatmates couldn’t help me and I was late to everything. More of a nightmare than a dream in my opinion! Thankfully I woke up and it was all in my head but the feeling it gave me stayed for the whole morning.

What then, is causing my head to spin? Well, even though I love new things and new experiences, they also make me nervous; just as I was getting comfortable at Nottingham, I’m wearing a black gown, wobbling across a stage and shaking the vice chancellor’s hand whilst being told my time as an undergrad is up. Scary! After three years of being a student, starting university should be a doddle, shouldn’t it? It seems not, although I’m not quite as nervous as I was when I was a fresher, but that feeling of not knowing where to go for my lectures and so forth is a tad worrying. It doesn’t help that I haven’t even visited my new campus at Bristol so I barely know what it looks like! I feel like many people will also be in the same boat though, especially international students.

I think I just have to rely on the fact that there will be people to ask when I need something and since I’m moving in during fresher’s week there will be lots of people running around that haven’t even been a student before! One thing that is bothering me is that I haven’t received my log in details for the university portal and so I can’t access half of the things that my course director is e-mailing me about! Again, it seems like others are experiencing the same thing according to the posts on the various Facebook groups I’m joined to. I like to be in know though and seeing as most of my dreams about new experiences involve me having no information available to me, it makes sense that in real life I want to be well informed about what’s in store for me!

The moral of the story is obviously that I have nothing to worry about; everything will fall into place as it usually does and all this fuss that I’m making is going to get me nowhere! Perhaps though, if I have another dream where I return to those Gothic halls, it might be fun to put those sturdy iron chandeliers to good use, channel my inner Sia and swing off them!

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