Summer Siesta

For once, I’ve been making the most of the summer. For the last two years I worked all summer and barely had a social life except for with the people I worked with. Even though there is nothing wrong with that and many of you will shrug and say “that’s just real life!” I want this summer to be different. I’m basically hanging onto my youth by the skin of my teeth; this summer will be the last one that I have the option of being free; once my masters course starts that’s it for a full year and then once I get into work that’s it until I retire. Yes, I’m probably not going to handle being a working adult very well if this is how I’m feeling as I near the end of my education.

When I launch myself into the world of science communication though, I know I won’t look back. I’ll hopefully find a job that I love and be able to enjoy my life as well as earn a living which to be honest is as close to living the working dream as you can get.

So far, my summer has reflected the last few years of my life; spontaneous. I’ve been up and down the country visiting friends, I have two holidays booked and I’ve finally begun to get a grip on my new teenage fiction book (watch this space). So really, with all this going on I’ve got no need to work, apart from maybe the money side. The masters will drain away the money I’ve saved up but I know deep down it’s all for a good cause and hopefully I won’t feel the pinch until right at the end of next year.

You must think I’m loaded with all this time off I’ve been able to have but in truth, I’m most definitely not. Most students know that living at home has some useful perks. I’m currently unemployed (totally my fault) so my parents don’t expect me to pay them rent, I don’t have to worry about the food bill and I get to sit and write underneath the grape vines on our small patio outside. I feel like this is as good as life gets right now; no stress, no responsibility and no money worries. If only I could freeze this moment and live like this forever.

In truth, I know I’ll eventually get bored of this lifestyle; there’s so much out there to explore and do so I really don’t want to lounge about forever. It’s been nice to stop and evaluate my life before I become a postgraduate though, I might not have time to breathe once I get stuck into my new course so catching my breath now feels good. I hope I’ve not exasperated too many people reading this with my relaxed approach to summer this year but as soon as I get settled down at home I’ll be off to make a life for myself and student life will eventually end. I wonder what happens when you become a muddled adult?

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