Relaxing and Procrastinating

Sometimes I find it hard to switch off and sometimes I find it equally as hard to get going on my work. Now that I have so much time off it’s hard to know how not to waste my day and get the most out of the hours that I seem to sit in front of my laptop.

The answer most of the time is to get up and get out. Having a break is almost as important as working hard because I find it incredibly difficult to stay focused for more than 30 minutes at a time. I go into the lab early in the morning and I’m in and out within an hour. Then I have the rest of the day to decided what I want to do while the sun shines outside!

Near where I live is a dog shelter and they allow members of the public to take their dogs for walks. This is 1 million times better than sitting inside and watching TV and I almost always feel revitalised when I come back! The fresh air and sunshine makes me feel alive and when you have a fury companion by your side it’s all worthwhile. I haven’t yet gone on my own; going with friends is definitely better because you have a chance to catch up and rant about your course and all the work that you have to do but haven’t got round to! Sometimes we all get a bit carried away and are out for hours which is almost as bad as binge watching TV episodes, but at least we were outside and having a good time!

At the moment, I’m trying to motivate myself to start the introduction of my dissertation or complete my notes on my two remaining modules. Neither of these options appeal to me but I know that when I’ve crossed those things off my list I will feel a great sense of achievement.

Of course, what I really want right now is a pet. Me and my housemate went to the pet shop on the way to the supermarket and spotted some rabbits that looked like they needed a home. I don’t think my landlords will allow it and even though it would be so nice to have a fluffy friend around the house, it means spending more money and would probably provide an extra source of procrastination that I don’t need! Even writing this is procrastinating but also knocks a point off my list of subjects that I want to cover. At least I’ll have achieved something today!

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