My exam is over! I sort of have freedom; there is still lots to do in terms of applying for a masters, going into the lab and that fundamental part about being at university: going to lectures. I can’t really complain though, I’m only officially in for 2 days a week now but I’m also conscious of the fact that I actually have to start my project properly now.

Today I had to go for a meeting with my supervisor and the other academic she’s working with to discuss results. I think that this was mainly for the PhD students because at the moment I have basically no results. I just observed and was safe in the knowledge that I never want to do a PhD in science!

They did take an interest in what I was doing though, even though I was certain that I had done something wrong and that my results were just an error. Everyone was helpful though and one of the PhD students gave me a way to test my results and see if they are any good. The procedure would mean waiting 24h for the results and  I’d like to say that because I’m a scientist, I could only think about they would work or not, but because I am a student I went out clubbing instead. I could possibly say that I used the night out to take my mind off the results but that wouldn’t be true.

I was slightly nervous when I went in the next day to look at the tests. Soon though I was skipping away from my bench and triumphantly punching the air when I stepped out of the lab. I was safe in the knowledge that I could successfully work in a lab and get things to work and that I didn’t have to start all over again!

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